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We offer complete range of Plastic Pipes and fittings irrespective of their applications, size, grade, colour etc.

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Plastic engineered solutions are becoming an arising need for irrigation, drainage, energy, power distribution, telecommunication networks and industrial applications in our economy.

Plastic pipes are the ideal products for today’s extensive continuum of commercial, residential and industrial sector applications for withstanding resistance to wide range of chemicals, heat and pressure. The economic and environmental benefits achieved by plastic pipe are an outcome of features including: zero corrosion, increased flexibility, light weight durable material, leak free joint fusion, easy installation and repair, cost effective components and industry - tailored options.

Thus the versatility of plastic pipe systems has made them the preferred choice for a wide variety of applications in this world. This increasing demand leads to the formation of Polyfab Plastic Industry LLC in 2005 at New Industrial area, Ajman, United Arab Emirates.

Polyfab operates with a humble vision to provide quality products at competitive rates ensuring quality service always. Irrespective of the motivation we strive with a Mission for better results in Plastics Piping solutions. Powered by professional management and service oriented customer support team along with proficient technical personnel we had reached a remarkable presence in the Industry.

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