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ELECTRO FUSION - Supplier of Electrofusion Fittings for PE Pipes in UAE, Dubai, Qatar, Oman and GCC.

Electrofusion is a widespread welding technique in PE pipe construction.Electrofusion joints the pipe and fittings together using embedded electric heating elements. Electrofusion couplers are specialized fittings for these purposes and meet the needs of most demanding on-site applications. Polyfab Plastic Industry LLC supplies Electro Fusion Fittings in UAE, Dubai, Qatar, Oman and GCC. We offer a wide range of fabricated HDPE pipes and fittings while providing the largest size range of polyethylene Electrofusion fittings in UAE, Dubai, Qatar, Oman and GCC.

All ELECTROFUSION Fittings are moulded using PE100 suitable for pipelines for distribution of gas, water and other fluids under pressure
The characteristics of fittings are conforming to the standards EN1555, EN12201 and UNI EN ISO15494.
Our Electrofusion fittings are weldable with PE 80 and PE 100 pipes and fittings having melt flow index 0.2 to 1.4gm/10 min.

Electrofusion Fittings Available Sizes
COUPLER 32mm to 400mm
ELBOW 90o 32mm to 315mm
ELBOW 45o 32mm to 200mm
TEE 32mm to 200mm
REDUCER 32mm to 315mm
ENDCAP 32mm to 160mm
TAPPING  SADDLE TEE 63mm to 315mm
BRANCH SADDLE 90mm to 315mm
REPAIR SADDLE 90mm to 315mm

Electrofusion Fittings Suppliers in UAE, Dubai, Qatar, Oman, GCC

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