More than 50 percent of the product produced by PVC raw materials are used in the construction industry around the world. PVC raw materials are environmentally friendly therefore addressing the increasing demand for sustainable solutions in the construction industry, including pipe infrastructure systems. 

In part, the market is addressing aging pipes, bursts, leakages and other pipe system management issues to manufacturers. In return, we offer new technologies and new materials. Aging water and wastewater pipe network infrastructure and network expansions, especially in highly populated and newly developing areas, are driving the demand for technologically advanced materials. So the specifiers and contractors shift from traditional, legacy materials to new materials like various plastics – PE, HDPE and PVC, UPVC. These materials selection will drive the procurement processes for various utilities. And they will likely source plastic piping system components, with a lower upfront cost and are easier to install. 

The operation and control of different technical systems of modern infrastructural projects require a fault-free supply of electrical power and connection to various systems by different types of cables.

The cable duct networks are permanently ensuring stable reliability and fault-free routine service. Non-conductivity of our cable duct systems ensures uninterrupted power transmission for a wide range of cable types and installation options.

Polyfab offers tried and tested, reliable cable ducts approved by all local governmental bodies, such as TRANSCO, ADDC, ADWEA, DEWA, SEWA and FEWA.

Managing infrastructural demand for the piping networks in a desert and rapidly developing country would be much easier with the material solutions we provide.

Polyfab stormwater piping systems create valuable efficiencies in specialized stormwater and wastewater applications.

Completely accredited by local government units like ADSSC, Abu Dhabi Municipality, Al Ain Municipality, Dubai Municipality, MOID, RTA and SRTA, our pipes and fittings provide reliable stormwater drainage and sewerage system networks solutions. 

With a variety of performance benefits, our PVC pipes and fittings are taking over traditional solutions. 

PVC pipes provide a significant weight advantage over other piping materials. Plastic pipes comparatively lightweight means installers are less likely to get injured, and also PVC pipe is so light that a single individual can easily move a long piece. This simply means that fewer installers are required, and installation could be also done easier and faster as well.

The fracture resistance of PVC Pipes is an extremely important advantage of the performance. Although PVC pipes are produced from a rigid PVC material, the PVC pipe itself is capable of yielding without fracturing under loading. Therefore, PVC pipes may be used effectively where the surface is subject to external load such as road traffic.

Joint tightness is a major requirement for all piping applications. PVC pipes are available in two options of push-in-fit and solvent weld joints.

One of the key issues while piping system design is flow rate and pressure rate. PVC pipes have a smoother wall surface. This helps reduce fluid friction and flow resistance. Thus, hydraulic smoothness prevents the built-up of slime in sewers and effectively removes tuberculation and incrustation in the water supply. As the result, we have a significantly lower maintenance cost, more effective initial pipeline design, and better performance over the PVC pipe’s lifetime.

As the most researched and tested material, PVC pipe is a non-toxic and safe, used for over half a century material with significant weather conditions withstanding, resistance to chemicals, acids and alkalis. 

Talking about our experience in supply our materials for significant infrastructural projects in the region, we could name the following accomplishments:

  • Upgrade and Improvement of junctions and road networks for Abu Dhabi and Dubai Airport Roads with HLG
  • Improvement of EXPO 2020 Road Network Package 1 & 5 with LNT
  • Expo Link for Dubai Metro 
  • Etihad Railway with JV CSCEC & SK EC, JV NPC & CRCC, JV Vinci & Archirodon, JV LNT & Power Construction
  • Riyadh City South, Phase 2, Infrastructure and Streetscape with NPC
  • New Intersection on E11, Ajman with Fala Road Construction
  • Construction of Internal Roads in Emirate of Ajman in Jurf and Hamidiyah Area, Phase 3 with ENERCO Contracting Co.