Electrofusion Machine Rent/Sale

Electrofusion welding machines are used for fusion joining. This type of jointing process uses heat generated from electricity to melt both the pipe wall and the pipe surface, creating a completely homogeneous joint that is stronger than the pipe itself.


CNC Butt Fusion Machine Rent/Sale

CNC butt fusion machines are used when the site requires precision welding. By using this machine, we can store welding data as printed or use a PC to backup the data.


Butt Fusion Machine

Butt fusion welding machines are used for welding polyethylene pipes & fittings by simultaneously heating the ends of two components that are to be joined. The ends are heated until the surface starts to melt, thereby producing a permanent, sturdy, and flow-efficient connection.


On Site Installation work

At Polyfab, we believe in providing end to end solutions. We have a professional team to offer onsite support during the installation of the pipes & fittings. Plus, we have specialized machines that fulfil the needs of the most demanding onsite applications. Polyfab employs skilful technicians who will provide all the assistance and support needed during the installation of the pipes, fusion fittings, and other similar tasks onsite.